Baxi Calefacció, a company devoted to the manufacture of gas boilers and other heating systems, has opened a new logistics warehouse in Pobla de Claramunt.

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Lighting in a new logistics warehouse


The company, which has fully taken on board the idea of energy-efficient systems through innovation and the development of new products using environmentally friendly technologies, has contributed to promoting a new culture in the heating sector. It was therefore adamant that the warehouse should really serve as an example of efficiency, sustainability and green engineering.

As a manufacturer of luminaires with LED technology, Ignialight together with Electrotarr, a company that installs fixtures and fittings, were made responsible for the lighting in the warehouse. A total of 22,500 m2 was illuminated using LED technology in the shape of 200W Bayled luminaires. Bayled's industrial light fittings are the ideal luminaire for installation in production plants and large areas that require lighting. As heavy duty luminaries with great luminous power and total flexibility thanks to four apertures, they have proven to be a highly versatile luminary.

The installation of the luminaires was extremely challenging for Ignialight as it had to be completed in just 3 weeks in order to meet the requirements of the project. The client was totally satisfied with the final result. The warehouse is now properly lit throughout with uniform lighting that is extremely energy-efficient and sustainable, as well as making major savings. 

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