Who we are?


Ignialight’s installations include the latest technological equipment: a state-of-the-art lighting laboratory with a goniophotometer and an integrating sphere. In addition, its team of engineers researches and improves the products on a daily basis for each of the applications, thus ensuring that they are at the cutting-edge of technology.

This situation makes Ignialight a trusted partner for the most technically demanding projects. We manufacture, design and improve products so that they have the most efficient, advanced technology, and can be customised and adapted to the needs of each customer. This combination has enabled us to take the company to an international level as we now provide lighting solutions with LED technology worldwide.


We have been certified by several organisations for the quality and excellence of the company, as well as being part of different lighting sector associations


We manufacture luminaires with LED technology for different applications. We therefore help people, companies and organisations have more efficient, sustainable lighting, in order to achieve significant energy savings with the most environmentally friendly technology.


We design, manufacture and develop luminaires with LED technology, in order to offer our customers luminaires with the latest applied technology, thus achieving improvements in lighting and cost savings, and contributing to making the world more sustainable by manufacturing products with low light pollution and minimal need for replacement.


INNOVATION: We take advantage of opportunities and challenges to provide innovative solutions. We are constantly updating our technological knowledge and actively seek opportunities to improve the quality of our products and create new business opportunities.

TEAM: We are highly experienced in working in multidisciplinary teams in different departments, companies and countries, as a result of which we have created a climate of trust and mutual respect. We focus our efforts on delivering uniform results.

QUALITY: We seek quality in each production process and each luminaire manufactured.

CO-OPERATION: We listen to our customers carefully to find our their exact needs and suggest appropriate solutions.

BALANCE: We strike a balance between environmental preservation and lighting a space or an environment correctly.


We find out and assess the needs of our customers, in order to provide the ideal solution for each project. This is made possible by our R+D team, which comprises more than 10 engineers who work in a cutting-edge lighting laboratory with technologically pioneering facilities.

In our laboratories, we conduct tests, studies and designs for new luminaires, in order to provide customers with the most technologically advanced solutions, and we install the most efficient luminaires in terms of lighting and maintenance.