LED lighting for aquariums

LED lighting for aquariums

TLED RW Projector

LED lighting for profesional aquariums

Lighting professional aquariums has always posed a challenge due to their special characteristics:

★ They must provide all forms of life (invertebrates, coral, fish, plants...) with a habitat as close as possible to their conditions in the wild
★ They must ensure that the lighting is bright enough for visitors to appreciate the wonders of the water life in each tank

Ignialight (FLUIDRA group) in partnership with marine biologist and engineers have developed customised lighting so that it adapts to the singularities of each environment and brings out colours without generating emissions that are harmful to wildlife.

Technical Characteristics- TLED RW

★ Suitable for depths greater than 2m User 
★ Friendly settings
★ No maintenance costs
★ Eco- friendly
★ Long service LED (L80-50000h)


36 LEDs: Royal Blue & Cool White (6500K)