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Street lighting Amber

Lamps with Amber LED technology have the same energy efficiency and sustainability benefits as LED lamps but with more environmental protection. 

Sports facilities LED lighting


High-power and high-performance projectors and light fittings designed for all sports facilities and large areas that require lighting



High power Spotlight for open spaces

The Style Outlets


Perfect combination between architectural, lighting and nature



The installation of Ignialight’s T-LEDspotlights met the requirements of the park: high power and efficient lighting

LED lighting

Club Natació Barceloneta

Illuminated the pool of Barceloneta with the high-power T-LED projector

Amber LED lighting


A more efficient and sustainable technology that causes less light pollution and is more environmentally friendly than other street lighting.

Amber LED lighting

Artenara (Gran Canarias)

Lighting LED Ambre, efficient and sustainable. 

Sports facilities

LED lighting

Hockey Pavilion

LED iluminated

Bayled 2.0- The luminaire's high luminous efficiency. 

Technical specifications

Light pollution regulations

Consequences for public and private street lighting 

Efficiency in sportive


With the changes in LED luminaire technology, we have managed to achieve better quality of lighting on tennis courts. More stable, clear and bright.

Bayled 2.0

Industrial LED

Ignialight has launched Bayled 2.0, a highly versatile luminaire in terms of controls, adjustments and settings thanks to its LED technology.

Bayled 1.5 Radio Frecuency control

Manutención y Almacenaje

his adaptation controls and regulates the lights (on, off, power regulator) without having to run more electric cable for the installation.

San Boi pavilion

Sport facilities

An important saving with efficient lighting and total uniformity. 

Module Retrofit


New retrofit module, presented in Municipalia faire. Minimum inversion and easy installation to put LED technology in our cities and villages

Girona Bridge

PC Amber LED

Efficient lighting by an installation situated in E1 area

Lighting on the river

LED PC-Amber

New access point in Girona city lighted efficiently it sustainable.

When lighting is critical

Ignialight industrial luminaires

The powerful and fully flexible Bayled 1.5 industrial luminaire is perfect for installing in large spaces.

Girona lights up Pedret bridge

The bridge is located in an E1 zone

Environmentally friendly PC-Amber LED technology

1167 éclairage Girona bridge

LED PC- Amber

This new construction is in a light pollution protected E1 zone, which means it was absolutely imperative to use lighting that was respectful to the surrounding area and wildlife.

One colour for each fixture

Colour temperature

Depending on the area in which a luminarie is to be installed, it is advisable to select one colour or another. 

LED éclairage sport facilities

Uniformity et efficently

67% energy savings and 9022 Kg of CO2 in the atmosphere and no maintenance at the facility.

Interview with the Commercial Director

Àngel Domènech

Collaborate to create a more sustainable world is one of our missions, along with savings on energy and facility maintenance.

LED paddle éclairage

Case study

76% to savings with LED techologie.  

PC-Amber LED

Light decontamination

Articles collection published by Josep Ma Olle on the need for decontamination light

Sustainable lighting at sports facilities

LED technology

Significant savings on energy and maintenance where LEDs are installed

The 1st 100% LED illuminated tunnel mouth

M40- Madrid

Ignialight has been the pioneer in developing and installing LED lighting products in tunnels.

Éclairage de tunnels

LED tecnhologie

Technical article and case study lighting the tunnel entrance with LED technology

LED PC-Ambre Lighting

Protect the biodiversity

Efficient lighting ideal for installation in areas of high astronomical interest

New Escala projector

Decorative lighting

One meter length ideal for underwater lighting.

Replace MH with LED

at a printer

A real case of replacing MH lights with Ignialight LED technology.

First LED illuminated tunnel entrance in Spain

in Spain

One of the tunnel entrances on the M40 in Madrid, illuminated with Ignialight LED technology

Reducing light pollution

According to professor Josep M Oller

The associate professor for lighting techniques speaks of the need to reduce light pollution in towns and cities. 

Our success story: product customisation

Interview with the Sales Director

As a result of diversification, development and research, SACOPA created Ignialight

An 80% drop in pollution in three towns in the Garrotxa area

Thanks LED technology

Greater environmental protection in addition to energy savings

Illumination of 3 of the access points of the A6, Madrid

Homogenic illumination with regulation

One of the ring roads with the most traffic, illuminated by Ignialight LED luminaires

The most sustainable ornamental fountains

LED technology

Cibeles Fountain (Madrid) and the fountain in Passeig de Gràcia (Barcelona) become sustainable

Porqueres reduces power consumption

Lighting change by LED technology

Significant savings in the town in the region of Pla de l'Estany 

Lighting in ornamental fountain

Interview with the Managing Director of Ignialight- SACOPA

A trusted partner for the most technologically demanding projects 

Amber lighting

Lighting that protects the environment

PC-Amber technology certified for installation in protected areas, according to legislation

Lighting for swimming pools

Conditions and requirements

A wide range of possibilities with LED technology

Ornamental fountains

The latest trends in lighting

Technologically advanced products and a world of possibilities to achieve both lighting and colour

LED PC-Amber

A company in the Garrotxa area promotes amber LEDs

Ideal for street lighting and areas of outstanding natural beauty

Efficient LED lighting in swimming pools

LED technology, lots possibilities

Installing these luminaires leads to significant energy savings 

Amber LED

Amber LED advantages