This year, in the talk to be given by our expert responsible for street and industrial lighting, Ramon Llorens, he will discuss the real case of the PC-Amber LED lighting used for the new bridge built in the city of Girona.

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41st National Lighting Symposium of the CEI


The bridge over the river Ter, located in an E1 area, required environmentally friendly lighting. LED technology, regardless of the temperature installed, has a high radiation emission level in excess of 500 nm. This peak emission affects human health and the environment.

The new PC-Amber LED technology, developed by Ignialight, with an emission spectrum in excess of 500 nm, does not emit more than 1% of the total electromagnetic radiation. This translates as a significant reduction in light pollution levels, whilst also reducing the impact on nocturnal wildlife and human health. By using PC-Amber LED lighting, the path has now been set for lighting that is totally respectful of most fauna, insects and people. In the case of people, it does not upset their circadian rhythms.