LED lighting is no longer for exclusive use in large cities. More and more people are becoming aware of the efficiency, savings and improved lighting that this technology provides.

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Amber LED- Artenara


In Artenara, on the island of Gran Canaria, they have gone even one step further. The lighting installed there is of the Amber LED type by Ignialight. This technology has the same energy efficiency and sustainability benefits as LEDs, but with added value: they help preserve wildlife and protect the environment due to the lack of radiation at peak emission, in the range of 440Nm. The colour temperatures in the white light ranges (6500K, 4000K, 3000K) radiate peak emissions around 440Nm, which has an effect in terms of light pollution and nocturnal fauna. With Amber LED PC lighting (~1800K), there is no emissions peak, thereby achieving a notable reduction in the level of pollution and greater protection for a dark sky.