Ignialight, the LED lighting manufacturer that forms part of the Fluidra group, was entrusted with the illumination of a new facility at Caldea, Likids.

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Likids – a spa for kids


The new space, which opened last July, is exclusively for the younger members of the family: 3–8-year-olds. The new kids' facility has an aquatic area, a relaxation area, and a space for activities and workshops. Fluidra Engineering was the company responsible for the design and execution of the project, and other companies in the Fluidra group were entrusted with the supply of materials. The lighting was fitted by Ignialight, which is a division of SACOPA, the Fluidra group's injection moulding plant. Mini spotlights with colour sequences were installed to light up the interior of the pool and the bathing area, whilst 300 W TLED spotlights were used for the exterior lighting. The TLED spotlights are reliable, and work efficiently in extreme temperature and humidity conditions.