Maintaining efficient and sustainable sports facilities is one of the main objectives of managers and owners. One of the biggest costs for sports facilities is lighting.

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LED lighting for sports facilities


LED technology can be a major ally and the ideal solution for maintaining sustainable facilities: 1. Savings: Reduce energy consumption by up to 85%. 2. Maintenance: The product’s long life results in savings on maintenance costs. 3. Lighting: Lights instantly turn on. Very useful in case of power outages and for controlling through sensors. 4. Environmentally friendly: An environmentally-friendly light. No toxic materials nor those that contain mercury are used to produce LED technology. When the lights are on they consume very little electricity, and generate low CO2 emissions compared to conventional lights. 5. Dimmer: A variety of adjustment options allow full control of light intensity. 6. Brightness: LED technology offers better light quality: more stable, clear and bright. 7. Useful life: Maintains 70% luminous flux for up to 50,000 hours of operation. 8. IR/UV rays: The light emitted by LEDs does not generate heat due to its low UV component. 9. High CRI %: Improved perception of colours thanks to the high colour rendering index (up to 92%). 10. Adaptability: LED technology can light an area, zone or space in a specific way, thanks to the different photometric patterns the technology provides. The improvement in energy efficiency by replacing traditional lights with LED lighting and installing intelligent lighting management systems can mean significant savings in electricity bills.