Ignialight participated again this year in two talks at the 40th Lighting Symposium in Malaga organised by the Spanish Lighting Committee

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The 40th National Lighting Symposium in Malaga


Over more than 3 days, 28–31 May, the city of Malaga, considered one of the most pioneering in energy efficiency, will receive more than 300 specialists and people knowledgeable about the most efficient, environmentally friendly technology.

Ignialight, as a company that manufactures LED technology, cannot possibly miss the symposium, and will participate this year in two talks explaining case studies of installations fitted with any LED technology. 

‘LED lighting for decorative fountains. Replacement of traditional lighting with LED lighting in the Cibeles Fountain’

Lighting sports installations with LED technology. Case study. Lighting paddle courts’ 

Further information about the talks is posted here.