On Saturday November 8th, the festival of light and fire, Lluèrnia will take place in the capital of Garrotxa.

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Festival Lluèrnia


From 6 o’clock in the afternoon till 12 o´clock at night, the streets of Olotina will be full of magic, fire and light. This year, the festival will be celebrating the city’s volcanic origins. The close relationship between fire and light together with autumn, a season which makes the landscapes around the city shine brighter than ever.

The Festival will bring together a number of artistic performances, which can be seen from different locations throughout the city. There will be various artistic creations that will be illuminated for 6 hours and others that will have a fixed timetable.

Ignialight is once again working with the Festival: this year with the Illuminated Flowers. Flowers over 8 metres tall, illuminated with LED technology. The Illuminated Flowers will feature a colour sequence that will change throughout the course of the night.

The light inspires, communicates, transforms, influences and energises. Experience it for yourself with this festival of light and fire!