After two months, the Santa Coloma de Farnés thermal leisure spa is reopening its doors with a brand new look.

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Renovation of Magma thermal spa


The main objectives of the renovation was to modernize the facilities and adapt it to today's needs while achieving maximum integration of the centre's interior with its natural surroundings in order to awaken the senses and stir the emotions of guests. 
This was achieved by perfectly combining a large new 60-meter space that connects the spa area with the exterior with glass and stainless steel materials and an underwater lighting system. When nights falls, the spa turns into a truly unique and spectacular space.The walls of the spa area become a huge 130-meter, 600 square-meter screen where high quality synchronized projections are done.
This one of a kind spectacle in Europe is possible thanks to a sophisticated underwater lighting system combined with OnDMX control systems.
Ignialight, a company that manufacturers lighting and projectors with LED technology, was responsible for providing the lighting for the different pool and spa areas. It used an ideal combination of products to create different lighting settings in the spa's water areas, making it a truly unique experience.