Environmental protection and energy savings are one of the main concerns today for the majority of city councils and public organisations

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An 80% reduction in pollution and significant energy savings


Ignialight, a manufacturer of LEDs, continues to focus on the development of luminaires in different sectors. This is in line with our main objectives to produce a fully sustainable, efficient product, and drastically reduce the energy consumption of our products by increasing the product lifespan and reducing CO2 emissions. The result has been a resounding success in three towns in the Garrotxa area, where light pollution has been reduced by 80% in Besalú, Santa Pau and La Vall d'en Bas. These three towns in the Garrotxa region will emit 80% less light pollution from their streetlights. At the same time, the town councils will save approximately €10,000 per year in electricity expenditure. This improvement comes from replacing old streetlamps, the majority of which were inefficient and polluting, with LED technology. Another project conducted with Ignialight LED technology is the lighting for the town of Vila-sacra, which is now lit entirely by LED technology. The town installed different luminaires with various features, outputs and photometric patterns, in order to guarantee that each area of town was correctly lit, in accordance with relevant legislation. Ignialight’s expertise with this technology, LED binning, design and its own injection moulding processes for optical components, with efficiency of more than 95% in its products, make Ignialight a trusted partner for the most demanding projects.