Works to improve the lighting at the Neptuno and Atocha fountains were completed in late December, part of the City Council’s plan to improve street lighting, traffic lights and ornamental fountain lights in Madrid.

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Lighting renovated at the Neptuno, Atocha and Cibeles fountains


La Cibeles, one of the capital’s most emblematic fountains, was the first to be equipped with more sustainable, cleaner lighting that provides significant energy savings. Now the Neptuno and Atocha fountains join Cibeles in stunning display that lights up Madrid nights.

All three fountains now feature LED lights manufactured by Ignialight and installed by one of the companies with the most experience in the field of ornamental fountains in terms of maintenance, design and implementation of projects for the capital’s ornamental fountains: IMESAPI.

Changing the lighting to this new technology results in significant energy savings, increased sustainability and more environmentally responsible fountains. The recent update has created sharper, brighter and clearer light projection. Each RGB LED projector can be handled individually to control different sections and divisions of the fountain with the installation of Ignialight’s DMX system. Easily installed, the system requires no extra construction work, only a two-wire cable, for virtually endless fountain lighting and colour combinations. 

Ignialight confirms its status as one of the most cutting-edge technological companies, an effective and reliable partner for technically demanding projects to provide lighting solutions with LED technology worldwide.

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