The second conference for city maintenance staff will take place from 27th to 28th October in Drassanes, Barcelona.

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CIM Simposium . The congress for city maintenance staff


The main aim of the congress is to improve the quality of life of citizens, which is supported by the development of the city under the theme of sustainability and efficiency. As a company that manufactures luminaires with LED technology, Ignialight will be making a speech at the congress. Important areas of outstanding natural beauty and astronomical interest will be illuminated in amber, ensuring that the environment, people and wildlife are protected. The head of street lighting, Ramon Llorens, will be making a speech about PC amber luminaires for streets and roads. He will explain and highlight the major advantages of this technology, which has the same performance features such as efficiency, luminosity and energy savings as the blue LED but is more environmentally friendly. A perfect piece of technology to install in areas of outstanding natural beauty, as it ensures that the life cycle of the animals is not affected.