Bayled 2.0 is a high performance, efficient, modular industrial hood that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers and projects.  

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LED lighting solutions- Bayled 2.0


One of the most important components when it comes to correcting the directionality of light are the optics built into the Bayled 2.0. Bayled 2.0 optics are designed and manufactured by Ignialight using high transparency and high impact resistance polycarbonate, IK10.
Bayled 2.0 optics have a wide light beam opening and closing range, from 20º to 130º, allowing it to focus and deliver the light to where it is actually needed, as evenly as possible.
There is a also a wide range of lighting control options: DALI, radio frequency, powerline, light sensors, presence, etc. This product is perfect for buildings, zones or spaces that require safe and efficient, technologically advanced lighting solutions.

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