The luminaires for the access points to the bridge on the River Ter and its access points to connect the areas of Pedret and Pont Major with the Josep Trueta Hospital are now operational. 

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Lighting of the access points to the Pedret Bridge (Girona)


The luminaires installed by Etrabonal and manufactured by Ignialight are the D-LED, a luminaire with a simple, robust style, and a rounded, compact design. It is ideal for lampposts of 7 m. The colour amber was chosen for the installation of these luminaires. This is a more orange colour that is more environmentally friendly, to fully protect the natural environment, as well as complying with the luminaire regulations 6/2001 (Law on the prevention of light pollution). In order to use the new bridge, which will also have luminaires manufactured and designed by Ignialight, we will have to wait until October, when the two areas are due to be connected.