Sports Facilities

Club Natació Barceloneta

Lighting an indoor pool is no easy task. The high temperatures and the humidity that a light projector must withstand is only possible if it is equipped with high-performance technologies. The high-power 300-W T-LED works in the most extreme conditions. 


LED technology for the lighting in the Nou Barris Skatepark (Barcelona). The redesigned skatepark has been built on the covered section of Ronda de Dalt, one of Barcelona’s main roads.


In 2015, the Hockey Club of Palafrugell (Girona) got into the national first division. In addition to the pressure put on the players by reaching this new category, this also posed a new challenge to the club for the 2016–17 season. Amongst these requirements was the need to upgrade the lighting of the playing field so that its matches could be recorded for TV.


One of the most emblematic coastal towns along the Costa Brava, Cadaqués has replaced the lighting in its sports pavilion with LED technology.

The replacement of the 400 W metal halide lamps at the multi-sports track with 170 W Ignialight lamps has caused many users of this sports venue to point out just how much the lighting in the sports pavilion has improved.


The main aim of changing over to LED luminaires besides the considerable energy savings made wherever they are installed, was to provide adequate lighting that was easy on the eye with an intensity in excess of 300 lux and a uniformity greater than 0.6.


Replacement of 400 W metal-halide luminaires with 110 W LED spotlights on the paddle courts at Banyoles Swimming Club.


With the changes in LED luminaire technology, we have managed to achieve better quality of lighting on tennis courts. More stable, clear and bright


Greater brightness and uniformity in the luminaires installed, with notable annual savings of 24,116 kWh and the reduction of 8,440 kg of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. 


By using LED technology, we achieved: uniform lighting on pitches and courts, clarity, and a reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs. 


The robustness of the luminaires practically removed the need for maintenance, and the control system to switch the luminaires on and off led to energy savings of 76% in comparison with the previous year. 

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