Núvol Daurat (Golden Cloud), temporary exhibition and finalists for the FAD 2014 Prize

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Núvol Daurat finalists for the FAD 2014 Prize


Installed during the Olot Fire and Light Festival, they were finalists for the FAD 2014 Prize, which is one of the most prestigious prizes in the world of architecture.

Designed by architects from Olot, Guillem Moliner, Eduard Callís, Xevi Bayona and Miquel Capdevila, it was installed in the town’s main square during the festival, and jazz concerts were held beneath it.

Núvol Daurat (Golden Cloud) was created by means of cake dishes, gold on one side and white on the other, which alternated with translucent paper cups and were lit up by a LED tube. The diffusor softens the brightness of the LEDs and brings warmth to the colour temperature. The difference between each side of the dishes brings a slight movement to the cloud, thus providing a subtle undulating movement that appears to change depending on the viewpoint.