Bayled 2.0- Textile Industry

LED lighting- Textile Industry

Efficient lighting anti-dust kit

Textile Bayled

Businesses always have improving production processes in mind. Sometimes, an improvement to a facility is more difficult than it seems. The Textile Bayled has been designed to be fitted in environments with dust, high temperatures, humidity, etc
★ Compact, robust and high-performance light fitting.
★ Available in various luminous intensities.
★ Lens openings shine the light where it is wanted, thus avoiding dark areas.
★ Light regulation option, with motion detectors and brightness sensors that achieve greater energy savings.
★ Easy to use and replace without the need to stop production.


★ High-performance industrial light fitting
★ Significant reduction in maintenance costs
★ Separately regulated industrial light fittings


★ Anti-dust kit
★ Significant energy savings
★ Easy to install

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