Ignialight is a division of the SACOPA Group, which manufactures luminaires with LED technology

SACOPA SAU, a plastics injection-moulding manufacturer, is part of the Fluidra Group.
Fluidra is a multinational group it was created from the merger of a number of brands: AstralPool, Cepexcomercial and Masterriego, all leaders in their respective fields: swimming pools, irrigation and fluid handling, as a Spanish multinational group, is specialised in the development of new applications for the sustainable use of water. The company delivers solutions for the conservation, treatment and handling of water. It currently has operations in over 30 countries with 150 branch offices and production plants distributed over all five continents. Fluidra’s products are distributed to over 170 countries, thanks to its extensive sales network. At present, the Group consists of a team of 3,600 people. 

The companies in the Fluidra Group, some of which have a track record over 40 years, have grown and diversified to new markets, such as the market of luminaires with LED technology.