• LED Ignialight

    Manufacturers of luminaires with LED technology

  • LED Ignialight

    Lighting for sports facilities: uniformity and clarity

  • LED Ignialight

    Street Lighting: Reduced consumption and zero maintenance

  • LED Ignialight

    We have no qualms in highlighting the beauty of our lighting for ornamental fountains

  • LED Ignialight

    Architecture Lighting: We create sensations and wellbeing

  • LED Ignialight

    Industrial lighting: A new lighting concept for large spaces

Bayled 2.0

LED's for big spaces

The luminaire's high luminous efficiency (115 lumens/W) makes for better lighting and lower power consumption, also has a wide range of lighting control systems The Bayled 2.0 is an easy-to-install industrial light fitting ideal for changing over from MH to LED technology.

Circular Ø200, Ø300

Underwater projector

Projector designed for fitting directly to the jets of ornamental fountains. Has a stainless steel finish, possibility of intensive, intermediate or extensive lens

Ignialight certified by

Instituto Astrofisico de Canarias

Since 2013, Ignialight is one of the company certified by Instituto Astrofisico in Canarias by the Amber LED Luminaries.

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