• LED Ignialight

    Manufacturers of luminaires with LED technology

  • LED Ignialight

    Lighting for sports facilities: uniformity and clarity

  • LED Ignialight

    Street Lighting: Reduced consumption and zero maintenance

  • LED Ignialight

    We have no qualms in highlighting the beauty of our lighting for ornamental fountains

  • LED Ignialight

    Architecture Lighting: We create sensations and wellbeing

  • LED Ignialight

    Industrial lighting: A new lighting concept for large spaces

Thermal recreational centre

Illuminated with LED technology

The perfect combination of glass and stainless steel along with a set of underwater light and high-quality projections enhance this sensory experience for users.

New Flyer

LED street lighting

A new communication tool with a brief summary of street lighting products and control systems.

Module Retrofit

Vial module

New retrofit module, presented in Municipalia faire. Minimum inversion and easy installation to put LED technology in our cities and villages.

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