• LED Ignialight

    Manufacturers of luminaires with LED technology

  • LED Ignialight

    Lighting for sports facilities: uniformity and clarity

  • LED Ignialight

    Street Lighting: Reduced consumption and zero maintenance

  • LED Ignialight

    We have no qualms in highlighting the beauty of our lighting for ornamental fountains

  • LED Ignialight

    Architecture Lighting: We create sensations and wellbeing

  • LED Ignialight

    Industrial lighting: A new lighting concept for large spaces

LED lighting technology

Catalunya square- Girona

Lighting LED technology contributed to savings in maintenance, energy and increased brightness.

Architectural illumination with LED technology

Av. Estatut- Barcelona

Rieres d’Horta Park is illuminated with LED technology. The park connects two neighbourhoods that were historically divided by a road.

Illumination of tennis courts with TLED projectors

Sta.Pau- La Garrotxa

Substitution of 400 W metal-halide luminaires for 300 W TLED projectors. They provide better lighting for tennis courts and a better quality of light. More stable, clear and bright

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